Ipswich Cares is an initiative that challenges the City of Ipswich in the month of September to give to assist a humanitarian need or projects.

Ipswich Cares was launched in 2007 and has partnered with the following:

  • 2014 Water For Life – Clean water systems (Compassion Australia), Supporting construction of a Medical Clinic construction in Mozambique (Love International)
  • 2013 Water For Life – Clean water systems and a Community Centre in Nepal (Compassion Australia, Educate Nepal and the Ipswich Ministers Fellowship).
  • 2012 Water For Life – Clean water systems (Compassion Australia)
  • 2011 Set up a piggery in Rwanda (Compassion Australia)
  • 2010 Clean drinking water in Bangladesh (Compassion Australia)
  • 2009 Kitchen facilities in North India (Compassion Australia)
  • 2008 Education Resource Centre in Ethiopia (Compassion Australia)
  • 2007 Aid to the town of Legaspi in the Philippines that was covered by a mud slide (Compassion Australia)

How can you help in September?

  1. Consider buying a ticket or table at the 2014 Launch dinner on Wednesday 27th August 2014 at 7pm at the Spring Lake Hotel Function Centre.
  2. Think about what you or your business can do in the month of September
a. Some Ipswich Real Estates are giving $50 per house sold in the month of September.
b. Some businesses give a percentage of their sales in the month of September some 5%, some 10%
c. Some Ipswich Schools and Churches doing something special in the month of September.
d. Some Ipswich Shops allowing donation tins to be secured to their counter in September.
e. Donate an appropriate item for auction.

Water for Life

Contaminated water kills 3.3 Million people each year. Every 15 seconds, a child dies from water-related illness.

Every day, more than 4000 children die of water-related disease that are often easily preventable, such as cholera and typhoid.

When a child has access to safe drinking water, their physical health improves. They become healthy enough to go to school every day and concentrate in their classes, and because they aren’t home sick from school as often, their parents can go to work and earn a steady income to help provide for their family’s other needs such as food and shelter.

When you support Ipswich Cares 2014, you will be supporting Compassion’s Water for life, you become part of the solution to one of the greatest and most urgent needs in developing countries today, access to clean, safe water. Your help will see children in remote areas around the world receive a simple cost effective safe water system that will provide them and their families with clean water for a lifetime.

For every $70 you give a child in a developing country will receive a bucket hose, filter, connector and syringe they can use to rinse the filter occasionally. They will also receive training on how to set up and use Compassion’s Water for Life, as well as hygiene education to help protect their ongoing healthy growth and development.

Compassions’ Water for Life clean water system is based on the same technology developed for Kidney dialysis. Each filter is made up of tiny micro tubes with pores that are hundreds of times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. These pores remove deadly bacteria and allow only clean water to pass through. The filter effectively eliminates cholera, typhoid, E.coli, amoebic dysentery and many other bacterial contaminants.

Setting up a new Water for Life clean water system takes less than five minutes. Families can then immediately start using the system. After pouring dirty water from local rivers or lakes into the bucket, the water will flow through the filter and come out completely safe to drink. Maintaining the system is as easy as disconnecting and rinsing the filter unit when the flow-rate slows.

Compassion’s Water for life clean water systems are easy to set up, use and clean. Best of all, they will provide a child and their family with clean, safe water for a lifetime without ever needing to be replaced.

Medical Clinic for Mozambique

Love International are sending a mission to Mozambique, lead by Bruce and Marg Knight, a team of 12 people will travel to Nampula Mozambique 20th July – 18th August to build a Medical Clinic on the Love International land at Natikiri (Nampula). In Mozambique 350 cildren under the age of 5 die every day of preventable diseases.

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